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Products from AgriAnalytica

solve the problem of farmers' access to financial resources

Agri: Business-plan

Preparing a quality business plan takes a lot of time and requires economist skills. To help you prepare a business plan quickly and efficiently, we have developed an online tool Agri: Business Plan, which plays a key role in obtaining a loan, government support, grant or private investment. Agri: Business Plan provides a full substantiation for the necessity to attract financial resources and gives comprehensive answers to the main questions of the lender: "Who are you?", "Why do you need money?" and "How are you going to return them?". Agri:Business Plan meets all the requirements of both financial institutions and investors, and will help you attract the necessary financing.

₴4 998
₴999  /year with VAT

Agri: Accounting

Financial institutions, investors and lenders prefer to work with "transparent" farmers who keep full accounting records and provide quality financial reporting. To help you keep accounting records of your production, we have developed online Agri: Accounting for growers, simple and easy to use, because all accounting entries and reports are generated automatically, and a personal consultant will provide you with the necessary support. With Agri: Accounting you will gain a competitive advantage claiming government support, grants and lower interest rates on your loans.

₴789  /month with VAT
₴4 998
₴2 499  /year with VAT

Agri: Accounting + Production Management

Efficient production management is a prerequisite for making a profit. It affects the level of creditworthiness and solvency of the firm. To help you become more successful, we have developed the Agri: Accounting + Production Management tool, enabling you to organize production processes, control the use of logistical resources, and provide you with the necessary analytics to make effective managerial decisions.

₴990  /month with VAT
₴5 997  /year with VAT