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Financing of the agricultural industry - find a format convenient for you

Agri:Shopping -Agri:Trading

Serious partners, real deals. Direct business communication, B2B-financing.

Agricultural financing - is a global idea that brings together all the participants of the Agri-financial Ecosystem Agrarian Cabinet. Suppliers sell more with Commodity Credit, and under Partner Lending Programs, Traders and Processors buy more offering Forward Financing, and Growers settle all the issues of financing, farm input supplies and produce sales in one place dealing with confident partners and spend more time caring for their crops. We make sure there are only authorized representatives of the real companies inhabiting our Platform. All the contacts and all the requests are generated by the real market participants who proved to be really interested in cooperation with you.

Credit analysis and risk assessment - a universal tool for creditors

Credit analysis from Agrianalytica - that very credit analysis used today by the largest Ukrainian banks to assess the borrower's creditworthiness - puts everyone who wants to finance an agricultural producer on an equal footing. Now you do not need a special analytical department and a credit committee to make an informed decision about the creditworthiness and reliability of the borrower. It is enough to create a financial product on the Agrarian Cabinet Platform and receive borrower's application supplemented with our credit analysis.