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Assess the risks and lend safely!

Agri: Credit Analysis

All our partners receive requests for financing through the Agrarian Cabinet. To facilitate your quick loan decision, we have developed an online tool Agri: Credit analysis, which includes legal, financial and economic analysis of the Grower-applicant, as well as a complete analysis of the land bank. Agri: Credit analysis will help you more accurately assess risks and take minimal time to make a credit decisions, increase the agri-loan portfolio and improve its quality.

Land Purchase Loan

A bundle offer for the Grower in order to effectively prepare for the land purchase lending. The bundle includes the online toolAgri: Credit analysis, which will help you quickly and efficiently conduct legal, financial and economic analysis of the agricultural client, analyze and assess the applicant's land bank. Integration of Agri: Credit Analysis with Agri: Accounting and Agri: Business plan will allow you to quickly and efficiently assess the Grower, optimize your time and operating costs.