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This agreement is entered into between AGRANALITICA LLC (hereinafter referred to as the Site Administration), a company that provides access and services to the site https://agrianalytica.com (hereinafter referred to as the site), and the person who visited the pages of the site or that has taken advantage of at least one of the services provided within the site (hereinafter referred to as the Site Visitor) for receiving, posting and communicating.

1. Visitor to the site

1.1. Visitor to the site is any person who visited, looked at at least one page of the site without prior registration and authorization on the site.

1.2. A visitor who registered and authorized using unique personal data becomes a Site User. When registering a new User, the Site Administration provides the User with the login and password to authorize the User in his personal account on the site. The user is responsible for the maintenance and confidentiality of their data necessary for authorizing the site; transfer of these data to third parties is prohibited. All actions of the User, committed on his behalf after authorization of the site, are considered to be personally committed by the User.

1.3. The user has access to the advanced features provided within the site.

1.4. In order to use the resources, services, capabilities of the site, the User must first express his consent to the Agreement. The user is not entitled to use the site if he has not accepted the terms of the agreement.

1.5. The Visitor is not entitled to use the services of the Site and can not accept the terms of the Agreement, if the Visitor has not reached the age stipulated by law for concluding similar agreements; or did not fulfill other conditions for the conclusion of such agreements provided for by law.

1.6. User registration can be canceled:

1.6.1. on the initiative of the Administration of the site;

1.6.2. on the initiative of the user. To do this, the User must independently contact the Administration of the site on the Feedback. The letter must specify the individual data (e-mail, password) used by him to authorize the site.

1.7. After canceling the registration, the unique username of the site automatically changes to the "Guest" without the possibility to view its profile. All materials placed by the User after the cancellation of registration remain on the site.

2. Use of materials of the site

2.1. Use of interactive resources of the site can only be registered Visitors-Users of the site.

2.2. The user has the right to use the resources of the site in a way that does not contradict the basics of its activities.

2.3. Copyright to the materials of the site, resources and services, unless otherwise specified, belong to LLC AGRANALITIKA.

2.4. Copying of site materials without the written consent of the Administration is prohibited.

2.5. The partial citation of materials of the site is allowed on an irregular basis with the obligatory reference to the page-source of the quotation (no more than 5% of the total volume of the material).

2.6. All names, titles, trademarks, symbols and slogans registered in the prescribed manner are the property of their legitimate owners. The site materials do not use the (r) and / or (tm) icons for their designation.

3. Responsibility

3.1. The ignorance of the rules does not relieve the Visitor (including the User) of the site from their performance, and in case of their violation - from liability under this agreement and legislation of Ukraine.

3.2. The Site Administration has the right at any time to terminate the Agreement with the User, including if the User has violated any provision of the Agreement or has acted actions that clearly indicate that the User is not intending or incapable of complying with the provisions of this Agreement.

4. Privacy Agreement

4.1. The procedure for the collection, use and disclosure of information that may be confidential is based on the Confidentiality Agreement.

4.2. By accepting the terms of this agreement or by visiting the pages of the site, the visitor automatically agrees to the terms of the Privacy Agreement regarding the use of personal and unprivileged confidential information, respectively.

4.3. Collection, storage, use, processing, disclosure of information received by the Site Administration as a result of visits by the person (Visitor or User) of its sites and / or filling in the registration forms, including the User's personal data, is carried out by the Site Administration in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. A person (Visitor or User) is aware of and agrees to collect and process his personal data by the Site Administration within the framework and for the purpose provided by the terms of the User Agreement, the Agreement on Confidentiality in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine; undertakes to notify in writing the Administration of the site about changes in its personal data.

5. Final terms

5.1. By filling out the registration form on the site or visiting the pages of the site, the visitor automatically accepts the terms of this agreement.

5.2. The Visitor accepts the terms of the Agreement in case of actual use of the site. In this case, the User understands and agrees that LLC "AGRANALITIKA" will consider the fact of using the Site user as consent to the terms of the Agreement at the appropriate time.

5.3. The activity of "AGRANALITIKA" Ltd. is carried out in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. Any claims, disputes, official appeals will be considered exclusively in the manner prescribed by the legislation of Ukraine.

5.4. LLC "AGRANALITIKA" is not liable for any direct or indirect damages incurred by Visitors, Users or third parties, as well as for lost profit as a result of site activity.

5.5 The User agrees that it is solely responsible (and that AGRIAALATIKA LLC is not liable to the User or any third parties) for any breach by the User of its obligations established by this Agreement, and for all consequences of such violations ( including any losses or damages that may be incurred by "AGRANALITIKA" Ltd.).

5.6. The terms of this Agreement may be changed unilaterally by "AGRANALITIKA" LLC.