AgriAnalytica lets you plan, finance,

manage and analyze all activities on

your farm easily with a few clicks

AgriAnalytica makes it easy to plan, monitor

and analyze all processes on the farm.

Development of strategy of agro-crediting, of credit Agrarian Policy

and risk management procedures

About US

We work for you!

The AgriAnalytica project is being implemented by a team of experts

International experience and continuous contact with our customers enable us to respond quickly to their changing needs

A smarter way to manage farm profit online

Seamless Connectivity

Avoid manual entry by integrating information from multiple sources

Get the complete picture

All information about the farm in one place, respectively. You make grounded management decisions

Focus on profit over production

Analyze the financial impact of each solution before spending resources and selling products

Transparent Communication

Work with your partners, banks and online consultants, save time and improve efficiency.

AgriAnalytica connects farmers with their key partners

AgriAnalytica is the only farm financial management software that allows the whole farming team to collaborate around the same data, in real time, from


Make informed, field-level financial decisions


Help your farm thrive with easy-to-use accounting software


Use relevant economic and financial data to provide real help to the farmer


Work with real-time data, assess risks and make credit decisions quickly and confidently

Additional opportunities that contribute to the prosperity of the farm business

Crop and Field Planning

Build your optimal crop plans in a few clicks, and get input needs for the upcoming crop year

Control the use of resources

Control your cost of production across crops, fields, and farms

Forecast Revenues & Profits

Compare your plan and historical data to intelligently course correct

Financing options for your business

Find the best sources of financing for your business

Modelling of your profitability

Plan your season by comparing “what-if” scenarios to optimize your product and profit

Budgeting & forecasting

See overall profit and future cash available, and easily adapt them as conditions change

Planning a day`s work

Plan your daily work for your team qualitatively and monitor the effectiveness of their performance

Efficient inventory management

No more complicated spreadsheets. See all information about your stock in one place at the click of a button.

Powerful Reports

View the economics of each field to make informed decisions

Make your business more efficient right now


Innovative tools for successful farm management ...

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