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Financial institutions

Loans, State support program


Forward financing



Insurance companies

Agricultural insurance




Commodity lending, leasing


Agrarian Cabinet - Agri-Financial Ecosystem

Growers, financial institutions, input suppliers, buyers of agricultural produce, investors, donors, insurance companies and other businesses are gathered on the Platform to ensure access to financing, markets and knowledge based on a “Win-Win” for all participants.

Climate atlas

Modern predictive models allow you to understand the impact of climate change on the yields of major crops, while recognized experts will help you choose the right strategy for the development of your business.

For growers

In a matter of minutes find production means of a highest quality, compare conditions, see the real cost of financing and choose the best option, apply online and get financing in 1 day, apply online for a State support program and sell your harvest profitably.

For partners

A direct way to increase sales and expand the range of customers for suppliers of production means, financial institutions, buyers and processors of agricultural products as well as all parties interested in the development of the agricultural sector - agricultural production financing programs

The activity is partly made possible through support provided by the U. S. Agency for International Development (USAID) through the USAID’s Agriculture Growing Rural Opportunities Activity (AGRO) implemented by Chemonics International.


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