Компанія “Agrianalytica” проводить бізнес - тренінги для керівників та бухгалтерів фермерських господарств.


“Компанія “Agrianalytica” проводить бізнес - тренінги для керівників та бухгалтерів фермерських господарств.”

As part of the online business training, it is suggested to discuss the practical application of the online Agri:Accounting and Agri:Accounting + Production Management programs, namely:
  • - application interface;
  • - making basic information about the farm;
  • - main features and functionality of the programs;
  • - features of accounting in crop production;
  • - peculiarities of accounting in livestock;
  • - accounting for fixed assets;
  • - keeping records of wages;
  • - accounting of shares;
  • - formation of documents for implementation;
  • - formation of tax documents;
  • - filling in directories;
  • - extensive management accounting functionality.
In addition to participating in the online business training, upon its completion, registered participants will have the opportunity to obtain advisory support in the preparation of documents for obtaining credit.
Trainer - Alexey Taranenko, Project Manager at AgriAnalytica
Details can be obtained by calling.: 097-578-46-51, 044-225-85-30

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