The future of agriculture finance is here!

Use the innovative sales channel and new agrofinance tools!

The best way to finance into farms!

Work with transparent and creditworthy clients on the basis of forward financing or sell on the online platform!

Why partner with us?

A new channel for attracting targeted customers

The standard sales mechanism / product sales through the mechanism of commodity credit, leasing, etc.

Innovative tools for express and complete credit analysis

Reducing lending risks and operating costs

How Does It Work?

1 Partnership

AgriAnalytica and Supplier sign an agreement on cooperation

2 Placement of the Supplier on the platform

Для Постачальника створюється Кабінет Кредитора, через який Постачальник має можливість додавати фінансові пропозиції та залучати цільових клієнтів.

3 Receipt of the application from the farm

The Supplier receives an online application from the farmer for a purchase or for financing with a primary set of documents and financial and economic analysis for making a preliminary decision on financing

4 Agroclient monitoring

The supplier monitors the agricultural client

Innovation tools for successful farm management and financing

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