If you make better decisions for your farm, you make more profit

  • Knowledge is power. Knowledge is profits
  • Top farmers don’t achieve good results by luck, they measure information, analyze it and use that knowledge to drive the business.
  • AgriAnalytica Farm management allows you to see all your operational, financial and stock information in one place, meaning you can make decisions based on a true picture of your farm’s performance
  • How do you make your decisions for anything on your farm?
  • How do you choose the source of funding for your activities? AgriAnalytica Farm management can show you the financial impact of your decision on your efficiency before you get and spend any money. AgriAnalytica Farm management is the decision-support tool for you.
  • AgriAnalytica Farm financial management software helps you plan, finance, manage and analyze all activities on your farm easily with a few clicks.


Сreate a crop plan from planting to harvest for all your fields


Get the Capital You Need to Succeed


Manage your farm`s productivity and daily task and enjoy lower administrative overhead.


Measure profit down to the field-level

Key features for a clearer picture of farm performance

Crop management

Improve your efficiency and profitability of each hectare.

Plan, manage and keep record of all farming activities during the cultivating season.

Detail tracking of quantities and cost of all inputs and resources, such as workers, machines, fuel, seeds, fertilizers, plant protection agents for every activity

Plan your season by comparing “what-if” scenarios to optimize your product and profit

Inventory management

Register all your material purchases and sales. Automatic recording of material application via farming task. Inventory reports and detail transaction records. Usage and cost of all resources, workers, machines, materials per field and cultivation

Financial management

Smart financial analysis: Profitability analysis per field, crop and farm. Cost analysis and breakdown for each cost category. Monitor your income, expenses and monthly cash flow in real time. View interactive dashboards and generate reports.

Make your business more efficient right now


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