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AgriAnalytica: Production management

If you make a reasonable management decision
You create more profit, EVERYTHING IS SIMPLE!

Successful farmers achieve better results not by virtue of their ability, but because they plan their business's economy, qualitatively account for their activities, analyze production figures and make informed managerial decisions.

AgriAnalytica: Production management is a support system for your management decisions and includes the following components:

Land Bank Control

Control your land bank in the smallest detail and ensure its efficient use

Planning of crop structure

Create your optimal crop structure in "few clicks" and get real need for material and technical resources.

Factor analysis

Plan your production by comparing \"what-if-scenarios\" to optimize your production and profits.

Control the use of resources

Control your production costs in terms of fields, crops and the whole economy

Operational planning of ongoing work

Plan your daily work for your team qualitatively and monitor the effectiveness of their performance

Efficient inventory management

No more complicated tables. Get all the information in a warehouse in one place in "one click"

Operational analytics

View the economics of each field to make informed decisions

Operational control of income and expenses

Compare your plan and actual data to make the necessary decisions on time

Simulation of profit

View your overall earnings and future cash flows and easily adapt them to changing circumstances