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Discover a better way to attract financing with AgriAnalytica Business Plan

  • In farming, many factors are unpredictable – weather, exchange rate, price - but owning your finances is one thing you can control
  • AgriAnalytica Business Plan allows you to justify the need to attract additional financial resources for ongoing activity or investment project implementation.

The best possibility to start plan your business is the AgriAnalytica Business Plan

  • Все починається з розуміння поточного стану Вашого фермерського господарства, як основи для планування подальшого розвитку.
  • The first step towards building the AgriAnalytica Business Plan is building a relationship with your AgriAnalytica consultant, who has the expertise and experience to help you succeed.
  • Our expert starts with an in-depth analysis of your farming operation, including current financial strength and identifies areas of concern that prevent you from reaching your goals.

Core Features

AgriAnalytica Business plan provides justification the financing of operating and investment activities includes but is not limited to

  • Planning crop cultivation technologies
  • Calculation of the need for material and technical resources
  • Production budget
  • Monthly cash flow and need for financing
  • Financial and economic analysis
  • Critical economic and financial ratios
  • “Snapshot” of your farm’s financial stability
  • Benchmark your farm against the others
  • Justification of the need for attracted financial resources

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