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After the entry into force of the Law of Ukraine "On Currency and Foreign Exchange Transactions" in February 2019, Ukrainian farmers received access to foreign financing, where the creditor is a non-resident, and the future yield is due to the use of international agrarian financial receipts

Why use AgriAnalytica?

Attracting cheaper financial resources

Purchase of agricultural machinery and equipment abroad

Purchase of seeds, mineral fertilizers, plant protection products abroad

Business plan and consulting support

How Does It Work?

1 Registration

Register by reference

Report the information in the Agrarian Cabinet and add the necessary documents

Get verification confirmation®

2 Choice of financing

Choose Non-Resident Funding from the menu list

Fill in the required data on the desired type of financing using the international financial agrarian receipt

See the offers of non-residents that meet your needs

Prepare Business plan

3 Submit an application online and monitor its status

Send an online application to a non-resident (a bank, a trader or supplier), the terms of which you are most interested in.

Track the online status of your funding application and keep in touch your credit manager

4 Receiving funding

Sign with the non-resident lender all the necessary documents, draw up an international financial agrarian receipt and receive financing, vehicles, equipment or material resources.

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