The future of agriculture finance is here!

Get the best financing conditions from the leading banks!

We are partners of the leading banks that use innovative technologies to finance farmers

Why use AgriAnalytica?

Information on financial products for farms from partner banks in one place

Submit an online application with financial and economic analysis simultaneously to several banks

Selection of the most attractive financial conditions

Financing in the best possible timing

How Does It Work?

1 Registration

Register by reference

Report the information in the Agrarian Cabinet and add the necessary documents

Get verification confirmation®

2 Bank and financial product selection

Choose the Banks option from the menu and specify the desired funding details

Check out the banks and financial products your farm meets

Choose the banks that best suit your needs

3 Submit an application online and monitor its status

Submit the online Application and the required documents to your chosen Bank or several Banks at the same time

Track the online status of your application and keep in touch with your financial manager

4 Receiving funding

Receive a response from the Bank regarding funding within a few days

Innovation tools for successful farm management and financing

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