The future of agriculture finance is here!

Financing into Ukrainian farmers, contributing to the growth of the Ukrainian economy!

The best way to finance into farms!

Why partner with us?

A new channel for attracting targeted customers

Innovative tools for express and complete credit analysis

Online monitoring of agroclients

Reducing lending risks and operating costs

An investment portfolio analysis

Trainings and field visits for credit analysts

How Does It Work ?

1 Partnership

An agency agreement is signed between AgriAnalytica and the Bank

2 Placement of the Bank on the platform

For the Bank we create their own cabinet through which the Bank has the opportunity to add financial offers and attract targeted clients

3 Receipt of the application from the farm

The Bank receives an online application from the farmer with the original package of documents and a financial and economic analysis for the adoption of a preliminary financing decision

The Bank receives an online application from the farmer for compensation in the appropriate direction of state support

4 Agroclient monitoring

The Bank monitors both the individual agro client and the agro portfolio as a whole

An effective way to finance farming

Increase "agro portfolio"

Get direct access to the most "transparent" farms according to your criteria and offer them your products and affiliate programs.

Reducing operating costs

Receive online applications from the most successful farms with the necessary information for a prior decision.

Effective risk management

Reduce NPL through an innovative, integrated approach to credit analysis, risk assessment and monitoring of agro customers.

Customer monitoring online

View the current operational and financial plan / fact of the agro-client analytics, reduce risks and optimize your costs.

Proactive customer relationship

With clear information about cash disruptions, you can timely present your opportunities and help the farm to grow its business.

Increased customer loyalty

Implement programs to increase farmers' financial literacy and increase the number of effective agro clients

Innovation tools for successful farm management and financing

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